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Recruiting the Next Generation

In 2020, huge swaths of Generation Z (people born 1996-2010) will be leaving education and entering the workforce for the first time. Like the millennials before them, they have different expectations from their working lives.   Recruiting Gen Z will be different from other generations. They were raised online and are

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Explaining Employment Gaps

Employment gaps occur when you have more than a month or two in between jobs. Some people like to make a big deal out of them, but in reality, they are often just an indication that life happens.   The trick is to know how to explain them, so they don’t work against

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Do Temp Workers Receive Benefits? Yes They DO!

In previous posts, we talked about when you should and shouldn’t take a temp job.   One of the most common reasons people give for turning down a temp job is the lack of benefits. It’s a valid reason: employer-based healthcare and paid holidays are hard to turn down.   At Energi

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