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Surviving Your First Week as a Temporary Worker

So, you just got your first assignment from your staffing firm. Congratulations!   Entering a new role is always a period of uncertainty, but you may be even more unsure if you’re working as a temporary worker for the first time.   What’s it like to go through your first week as

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What to Do After Your Interview

Most people understand the importance of making a great first impression at a job interview. You dress smartly, act professionally, and try to be the best version of yourself. Then, you get back to your car after the interview ends, and you think it’s time to relax.   One of the

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3 Ways HRM Software can Save the Day

HR is the backbone of your business, but how much time and money does it cost you?   There comes a point during an organization’s lifespan when you can no longer manage employee data using even the most sophisticated spreadsheet or filing system. Fortunately, specialist human resource management (HRM) software is

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