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Managers Play an Important Role in Employee Well-being

Traditionally, the measure of a good manager was your team’s overall performance. If you met goals on time and on budget, then you all earned a pat on the back. Yet, this measurement overlooks one of the most important facets of leadership: protecting employee well-being.  Well-being and performance are two sides

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Understanding Employee Complaints

In business, the complaints you worry most about come from customers. However, there’s a group of vital people that you shouldn’t neglect: employees.   Employee complaints happen at every organization. If they aren’t happening at yours, then there’s a chance that you don’t have a way to accept them.   Learning about employee complaints

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What Skills Should You Look For in Your Next Standout Receptionist?

Your front desk is where your customers, clients, and future employees first encounter your business. The person there to greet them needs to be your ambassador. After all, an encounter with someone who isn’t engaged with their job will stand out when your visitor decides whether they want to do

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