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6 Essential Interview Questions

Do you know the real cost of hiring the wrong employee? It’s more than you think. The U.S. Department of Labor says the cost of one hiring mistake is around 30 percent of their first-year salary.  A thorough interview process is one way to minimize that risk. While you want to ask offbeat questions, it’s also critical that you

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How to Manage Employee Conflict Effectively

Employee conflict is a fact of life. These conflicts can be personal or professional—and they happen in or outside of work. But these problems can also be structural, like the result of a poorly defined job role or HR policy.   As leaders, your role isn’t to end all conflict in

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9 Unexpected Interview Questions to Reveal a Candidate’s Qualities

  Most job seekers hear the same questions repeated at every interview.  “Why do you want to work for our company?”  “Describe a time you overcame a challenge.”  These are good questions, but your candidates see them coming, which means you won’t learn much from their answers. To find the right fit every time and avoid the need to advertise the same jobs over and over, you

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