The Right People, Every Time

EnergiPersonnel has been helping companies access skilled, well-aligned talent for over 25 years. Whether you need to augment your staff or add a full-time professional to your team, EnergiPersonnel will find who you need.

We specialize in serving companies in the oil and gas sectors and city governments, filling critical roles quickly and accurately. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you have access to great people, and to address any on-the-job emergencies that may occur.

If you need skilled, vetted talent and you’re looking for a staffing partner that delivers exceptional service, talk to EnergiPersonnel.

Employer Services

Stay fully staffed and alleviate overtime and stress on your current team when you need to cover vacations, illness, terminations and emergencies. Every contract and temporary employee is fully vetted and verified, and is chosen for the job based on total fit.  

Reduce hiring risk by working with a new employee before extending an offer of full-time employment. Our team will source talent, evaluate applications, conduct screening and testing, verify employment and more. We make the right match so that your ultimate choice to hire is simple. 

Our recruiting services connect you with highly qualified talent from various professional, technical, and support service fields. Our team focuses on finding total fit, so you can hire with confidence. Every candidate we place is well-matched for your organization and positioned to hit the ground running.  

Alleviate the administrative burden that comes with payroll processing. EnergiPersonnel can handle payroll, benefits, onboarding and other reporting for your contingent workforce or your entire workforce. 

Bring us your hiring challenges. We will deliver a custom solution.