Why Take a Temp Job When You Really Want a Permanent One?

The road to the permanent job that you have always wanted – the one with the salary, benefits, great team, and room for advancement – is a long and bumpy one. You don’t want to remain unemployed, but is a temp job the right move?

Temp (and contract) jobs are incredibly common in today’s market. More than 17 million people enter these roles each year. As a result, you might find that you are more likely to find your dream job starts as a temp role or that a temp role can get you into the job you held out for. 

Here’s why you should take the temp contract offer, even when what you really want is a permanent promise. 

Working Looks Good to Employers 

Gaps in your resume aren’t a dealbreaker when you have the right skills, but hiring managers still want an explanation. Most hiring managers say it’s better to work two temp jobs in your field back-to-back than to remain unemployed or get a permanent position outside your field 

Benefits Are Still Available 

The lack of health benefits steers some workers away from temp jobs, particularly those who work in physically demanding areas like energy extraction.  

We have good news: if you work for Energi Personnel, you have access to health insurance through Essential Staff Care. Our staff also receives paid holidays, so you don’t have to sacrifice your paycheck for some well-deserved time off. 

You’re Not Stuck There 

Temp agencies and their clients know that most people want a full-time, permanent position. It comes as no shock that many temp employees are also actively job hunting. 

The same rules apply with temp jobs as among other permanent contracts. It’s polite to give notice and not to burn bridges, but if your dream job arrives on your doorstep, you can take it. Texas’s employment-at-will policy means you (and your employer) can terminate a relationship without notice or reason. 

Temp Work Can Become Permanent 

Some companies use the temp role as a “try before we buy” strategy to make sure they make the right hiring decisions every time. The contract is a way to make sure you fit into their culture and that you like the job enough to stay.  

In other cases, a company needs more staff but also needs to justify it to the COO or accounting, so they use temporary contracts to demonstrate the difference an extra pair of hands in the field makes for the company’s bottom line. 

Not all companies believe in temp-to-hire, but those who do will tell you upfront. And of course, you can always use your performance to change their minds. 

Find the Right Role With Us 

A temp job may not be your dream, but it can be a smart career move. You shouldn’t let your hopes for a permanent role get in the way of useful experience – or a good paycheck. 

At Energi Personnel, we specialize in temporary staffing, so we know what both workers and employers want. Check out our job listing page and our employee benefits to learn more about being an Energi Personnel Employee.