Surviving Your First Week as a Temporary Worker

So, you just got your first assignment from your staffing firm. Congratulations!  

Entering a new role is always a period of uncertainty, but you may be even more unsure if you’re working as a temporary worker for the first time.  

What’s it like to go through your first week as a temporary worker? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.  

Be Prepared to Move Quickly  

You probably already noticed that staffing firms don’t walk: they run. You probably had your first and second interview followed by your offer in quick succession.  

The same is true when you start your first job. You’ll need to be ready to move quickly and dive right into any relevant training.  

Tip: Take plenty of notes during your training and initial meetings. Because you’re only in the role for a brief time, it’s essential to be ready to work ASAP.  

Make Accepting Change Your Mantra  

Temporary workers always need to be ready for change, and the first week of your new assignment will be the biggest change of all.  

Keep in mind that your new employer may not use the same processes or techniques as a past employer, even if they’re in the same industry. You also need to be prepared for a different working culture and accept it without judgement.  

Change is a theme whether you intend to take one role or make a career out of temping. You’ll even find that even your contract end date is subject to change. It could wrap up earlier or later than the date you received when you signed on.  

Keep Socialization to a Minimum  

As a temp, you’re there to be professional and get the job done. Your phone needs to stay in your locker, and you may not have communication tools like organizational emails at your disposal. 

Remember that your employer will also expect you to deliver greater results than your full-time colleagues. So, you have less time to get comfortable and socialize on the job, too.  

Are you ready for your next temporary assignment? 

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