What Skills Should You Look For in Your Next Standout Receptionist?

Your front desk is where your customers, clients, and future employees first encounter your business. The person there to greet them needs to be your ambassador. After all, an encounter with someone who isn’t engaged with their job will stand out when your visitor decides whether they want to do business or work with you.  

Finding a standout receptionist means looking for the right skill as well as the right personality. What skills should you prioritize? We think these four talents are critical for receptionists.  


Communication is key to the role of a receptionist. A good receptionist is more than well-spoken. They also listen well and also have strong non-verbal communication skills.  

The right person can not only announce the arrival of a visitor but also give you a heads up on any information they gleaned upon their arrival. For example, if the visitor is polite but clearly annoyed, the receptionist can subtly pass that on to whoever is receiving them.  

Ultimately, a receptionist should be sociable, friendly, polite, and always ready to represent your company.  


A receptionist usually wears multiple hats and needs to juggle several tasks at once. Organizational skills, and the ability to create and use systems, is key to their success.  

Finding a well-organized receptionist also means you can ask them to help out with other administrative tasks that pop up without worrying that their usual duties will suffer.  

Technical Skills  

A receptionist doesn’t need to know how to code, but they’re most valuable when they’re keen to learn new technology systems. Increasingly, companies like to use software to manage administrative tasks and even phone systems. It’s also great if the receptionist can use various apps to communicate with customers or clients.  

For example, if you want to use a Facebook Messenger integration to set appointments, you want someone who is happy to work it and answer the phone.  


A receptionist is the eyes and ears of an organization, and they can also be the gatekeeper for common problems that arise. Finding a receptionist who enjoys problem-solving allows them to stop problems in their tracks and prevent them from taking up other employees’ time.  

Dynamic Qualities

Your receptionist does so much more than welcome people into your office. They’re a valuable part of your team, and they contribute to your organization’s success. That’s why it’s so important to look for communication, organizational, technical, and problem-solving skills.  

Are You on the Hunt for a new Receptionist? 

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