4 Ways to Perfect Your Virtual Job Interview

Virtual job interviews were already on the rise before the pandemic. Now, they’re the preferred mode of interviewing. It allows all parties to minimize their social contacts.  

But virtual meetings bring challenges for both hiring managers and candidates. They’re rarely as simple as hopping on a video chat at a moment’s notice. A combination of tech issues with the usual problems that plague interviews can mean your session gets off to a rocky start.  

We put together four tips that we share with our candidates before sending them out for virtual interviews.  

Prepare Well  

When you go in for a physical interview, you’re more likely to pick up on subtle cues in the office. You see signs, papers, and even the layout. These answer questions or raise new ones.  

Because you don’t get the chance to pick up on these things over the phone, you’ll need to spend more time thinking of questions and researching the company using the tools at your disposal.  

If the website isn’t giving you much to go on, ask the hiring manager to send you some of their information via email.  

Test Your Tech  

This tip applies to both recruiters and candidates alike. Test. Your. Tech.  

Even if you used the program yesterday, a new day could present new issues. You want to know well in advance if your internet is slow or you’re struggling to log-in.  

Ideally, you should run a test an hour before your interview starts. Use the system to call a friend and test your audio and video and make sure you’re running smoothly.  

Remember Body Language and Vocalization  

There’s a lot of chatter about body language when using virtual interviews. Because you’re at home, it’s easier to have more relaxed body language or accidentally hide your self from the interviewer. Take the time to set up your camera and sit up with your face positioned in the middle of the screen.  

However, don’t forget that you will need to use your voice more than you would in a physical interview. Remember that technical difficulties mean your interviewer may not see you nod or shake your head, so remember to vocalize your thoughts.  

Follow Up  

Few people walk out of an interview feeling confident, and those feelings can be more pronounced after a virtual interview. Following up is often a good idea after any interview, but it can feel more pressing after a virtual interview.  

Send a follow-up email within 24 hours of your interview to thank them and reiterate your interest.  

Virtual Hiring Will Get Easier  

Virtual hiring is a pre-existing solution to today’s hiring problems, but it’s not without its challenges. Testing your tech, focusing on different modes of communication, and reiterating your interest via email are simple ways to make virtual interviews easier for everyone involved.  

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