3 Tips for Having a Great Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings are officially part of the business landscape. The time and money they also save likely means video conferencing is here to stay.  

You likely noticed after your first roll call that virtual meetings require a different sort of etiquette.  

We put together three of our best tips for running a virtual meeting that will keep your team as engaged and motivated as they are at the office.  

Send Out a Guide to Your Meeting Platform  

Although tech like FaceTime is ubiquitous, many people have never used enterprise-style meeting software before. To help your team navigate their first few virtual outings, give them a hand by sending out a briefing in advance.  

Give them a rundown on the basic meeting controls, such as what to expect when they enter the meeting. Providing top tips for using the call is also essential: remind them to speak up and to mute their microphones when they’re done talking.  

Don’t forget to share security protocols. For example, remind attendees not to share meeting IDs to avoid issues like Zoombombing and remind teams to use a secure wifi connection rather than public wifi  

Keep Meetings Focused on One Item  

The joy of virtual meetings is that you can run them from anywhere. The downside of virtual meetings is…you can run and join them from anywhere. When people log in from their homes, the airport, or their car, there are more distractions than they’d face if you were all in the same room.  

As a result, it’s important to keep your meetings on task. The best way to do this is to keep the focus on one topic at a time. Try not to add more than one or two action points for each meeting. It will keep everyone’s attention, prevent confusion, and eliminate each participant’s desire to find distraction anywhere else.   

Use Follow-Up Emails to Keep Everyone Informed  

Everyone should leave the meeting knowing what’s expected of them. However, sometimes assignments and due dates can get lost in the shuffle. Sending a follow-up will remind each participant what’s required of them and when to eliminate surprises down the road.  

As the host, you should also check in with your attendees to answer any questions and ensure they felt seen and heard during the meeting. If you run a small team, try to do this with each member individually. However, anonymized feedback surveys can also give you a lot of helpful insight, no matter your team size.   

Make the Most of Your Face Time   

Virtual meetings are an invaluable tool both as the world tries to cope with COVID-19 now and as we restructure the world of work over the next few years. While video conferencing gives you the face time you need to connect with your team, it does require you to take a few extra steps to ensure your meeting accomplishes its goals.  

Are you growing your team in this remote world? 

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