Ten Reasons to Become a CNA

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are the backbone of the healthcare system. In this role, you will work as support to both patients and nurses. No two days as a CNA are the same, and you’ll never get bored.  

Your work as a CNA isn’t just a job. It can be the start of a life-long career with endless opportunities for learning and advancement. What’s more, there are plenty of opportunities available. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects healthcare assistants to see a faster than average job outlook of 9% between 2018 and 2028 

Are you thinking about taking up your first position in healthcare? Here’s why so many people love working as a CNA.  

What CNAs Do   

As CNA, you will support your nurse colleagues by providing patients and clients with help to complete their basic living activities.   

Some of your core activities will include:  

  • Helping patients with hygiene (bathing, combing hair, brushing teeth, etc.)  
  • Helping patients dress  
  • Helping patients get to the toilet  
  • Transferring patients from their bed 
  • Turning and repositioning patients to prevent pressure ulcers  
  • Serving patients meals and helping them eat  
  • Measuring patients’ vital signs and reporting to supervisors 
  • Listening to patients as you work    

As you can see, CNAs are an integral part of the patient support system. You help all patients by providing them physical and emotional support to keep them healthy.  

Ten Reasons You’ll Love Being a CNA  

You know that working as a CNA isn’t just any old job. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that you can enjoy a long list of benefits when you find the right role.  

Some of the reasons people love their CNA job include:   

  1. Regular, Long-Term Employment  
  2. Short Training and Licensure Process 
  3. Unlimited Career Advancement in Nursing  
  4. Opportunity to Work Flexible Hours  
  5. Try Out Different Healthcare Services  
  6. Help Care for Our Aging Population  
  7. Enjoy Excellent Benefits  
  8. Work in any City or State  
  9. Become a Part of a Committed Care Team  
  10. Enjoy Steady Employment  

These advantages mean that you can work in a role you’re proud of and not have to worry about job security while you do so.  

Find Your Next CNA Job with Energi Personnel  

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