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Are Your Construction Workers at Risk?

Keeping your team safe at work is more than good practice. It’s also the law. Where no safety plan in the world can prevent 100% of accidents, too many organization’s safety practices fail to go far enough. They even miss out on the basics., like communicating hazards and fall protection.  

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Recruiting the Next Generation

In 2020, huge swaths of Generation Z (people born 1996-2010) will be leaving education and entering the workforce for the first time. Like the millennials before them, they have different expectations from their working lives.   Recruiting Gen Z will be different from other generations. They were raised online and are

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Demonstrating Good Leadership in the Workplace

When someone leads their team to victory, their adoring fans say they were born to lead.    We have a bone to pick with those fans. Because leadership isn’t a birthright, true leadership is a set of carefully cultivated skills that anyone can learn if they’re willing to put in the effort.  

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