CDL Driver Career Spotlight

Did you know that the transportation industry is facing a vast labor shortage? And the need is likely to get worse as the U.S. continues to transition from a manufacturing economy to a distribution economy. 

A lack of commercial drivers can threaten everything from small businesses to food production to public transportation. The good news: starting a career as a CDL driver is easier than you think. 

To get a job, you need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from your state. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s take a look at this highly-demanding and well-paid career. 

How to Get a CDL License 

The minimum requirement to apply for a CDL driver job is to get a CDL license from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. The process is straightforward, but you do need to take and pass a two-part CDL exam. 

To get a CDL license, you either need to be 18 to 20 to drive a commercial vehicle in your state or over the age of 21 to drive across state lines.  

Other requirements for a CDL license include: 

  • Clean driving record 
  • High school diploma or GED 

If you qualify, you will take a written CDL test based on your state’s latest CDL manual. You also need to attend a truck driving school to prepare for your road skills test, which is similar to the test you took for your passenger car license. 

There are different endorsements offered by each state’s DMV, including various classes of CDL licenses. These CDL classes dictate the weight of the vehicle you can drive. Endorsements allow you to do things like drive tankers or carry hazardous substances. 

What Else Do You Need to Become a CDL Driver? 

In addition to your CDL license, you’ll need to take the Department of Transportation Medical Exam and Commercial Motor Vehicle Certification provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

The exam doesn’t test your skills — it tests your physical fitness to drive. A physician will identify any diseases or impairments that could impact your ability to drive at truck safely and assess whether you are free to start driving. 

Your results are valid for 24 months to make sure you are healthy enough to drive a truck. 

Do You Need to Attend Truck Driving School? 

Yes, you do usually need to pass a truck driving school exam. Not only does it prepare you to pass the state practical exam, but it also makes you a safer driver. Potential employers will look for your certificate before hiring. 

Very often, the truck driving school covers the basics, but you’ll also go through a training period on the job. Your employer will put you through a training period, and you’ll need to pass the employer’s exam if you want to continue working. 

Are You Ready to Be the Link Between Goods and Consumers? 

Driving a commercial vehicle takes training and skill, but if you’re willing to go out and get yourself a CDL license, you could open up a world of job opportunities. 

Do You Hold your CDL and Need a job in Transportation and Logistics?

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