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4 Ways to Perfect Your Virtual Job Interview

Virtual job interviews were already on the rise before the pandemic. Now, they’re the preferred mode of interviewing. It allows all parties to minimize their social contacts.   But virtual meetings bring challenges for both hiring managers and candidates. They’re rarely as simple as hopping on a video chat at a moment’s notice.

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What to Do After Your Interview

Most people understand the importance of making a great first impression at a job interview. You dress smartly, act professionally, and try to be the best version of yourself. Then, you get back to your car after the interview ends, and you think it’s time to relax.   One of the

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The Industrial Job Interview, Overdressed? Or Underdressed?

What do you wear to a job interview? It’s an eternal question, no matter your field.  It’s a particularly tough question for jobs on a factory floor, an oil rig, or another setting where the day-to-day dress code is safety – not a suit. At the same time, you are still about

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