Questions to Ask About Training and Professional Development in Your Next Interview

Where do you want to be next year? What about in five years?

Your current role will inform what happens next, which is why training and professional development is so important. If your employer supports skill development, you could be on an escalator going up. If they prefer to hire skills, then you could quickly find yourself in a rut.  

That’s why it’s so important to ask about training and professional development in your interview.  

What should you ask to get a good answer? Use our set of questions (developed by recruiters).  

Why You Should Ask About Training and Development  

The interview process isn’t supposed to be a grueling interrogation. It should be a conversation that allows you to get to know the company as well as they get to know you.  

Asking about training and development is important for two reasons. First, it helps you better compare employers and make smarter decisions when accepting a job. Second, it tells the recruiter and the HR manager that you’re thinking about your future, which is usually a good sign.  

What Questions Should You Ask?  

To get to know more about the professional development opportunities offered, it’s helpful to ask questions surrounding the program as well as a straight up, “Do you offer training and professional development?”  

For example, you can ask:  

  • What is your organization’s plan for the next five years? How does this department and position fit into that plan?  
  • What skills are necessary for someone to succeed and grow in the role?  
  • What role is the last person who held the job now in?  
  • How often does your organization promote from within?  

The last question helps you identify whether the training provided helps you grow into new roles within the company. It signals the seriousness of the organization’s training programs: if their programs are designed to elevate employees, then they should be promoting from within a reasonable percentage of the time.  

When you do ask about professional development, you’ll learn more by asking open-ended questions, such as:  

  • How and what will I be trained in?  
  • When am I able to access further training and professional development?  
  • What kinds of professional development opportunities currently exist?  
  • What kind of guidance is available for employees working towards career goals?  

These questions are designed to get specific answers about when and how you’ll receive further training. Again, you’ll better be able to compare companies, but you’ll also learn more about whether the training available suits your goals and learning style.  

Go Further Than You Thought Possible  

Training and professional development are important to many candidates, but you don’t know what’s available until you ask. Getting the information during the interview process will help you make informed decisions if you have the option of deciding between two (or more) companies.  

Are you looking for a role that you can grow in?  

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