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Healthcare Certifications You Can Get in One Year, or Less!

The healthcare industry is at the forefront of every news day. But did you know that there are staffing shortages across the sector? Even better, did you know you can fill them?   You don’t need a bachelor’s degree and years of experience to start your healthcare career. There are certifications

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What Skills Should You Look For in Your Next Standout Receptionist?

Your front desk is where your customers, clients, and future employees first encounter your business. The person there to greet them needs to be your ambassador. After all, an encounter with someone who isn’t engaged with their job will stand out when your visitor decides whether they want to do

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Take Mental Breaks During Your Shift

When you’re knee-deep in a task-list, you tend to want to get things done – if not for yourself then to avoid pressure from your boss. Plus, taking breaks at work is a waste of time, right?   If you think you should be 100% focused through the day, then you’re

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Is Now the Time to Find the “Perfect” New Hire?

With so many job seekers “now available” due to layoffs, your business might think now is the time to get picky and aim for “perfect.”   But even though more candidates are out there and there are fewer jobs than there were six months ago, now is not the time to

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