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Hot Hacks for Keeping Your Cool

Working in hot environments is a health hazard, but it’s also part of a day’s work in Texas.    Even though no official OSHA regulations dictate how to work in extreme temperatures, there are safety recommendations that are easy to follow. Here are four hot hacks for keeping your cool both

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Eliminating Bias in Your Hiring Process

Every hiring manager’s goal is to find the best employees possible and bring them onboard. At the same time, every hiring manager is human, and humans have biases. These biases often manifest themselves unconsciously. You need to actively uncover them and work against them if you want to bring on

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Why Time Management Is Essential as a CNA

Time management is a core skill needed in almost every job. One place where your skills are most critical is in the healthcare field.   As a CNA, you will always have competing priorities pulling you in multiple directions. If you don’t manage them well, you risk missing vital parts of

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Understanding Employee Complaints

In business, the complaints you worry most about come from customers. However, there’s a group of vital people that you shouldn’t neglect: employees.   Employee complaints happen at every organization. If they aren’t happening at yours, then there’s a chance that you don’t have a way to accept them.   Learning about employee complaints

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Is It Expensive to Use a Staffing Agency?

Are you on the hunt for a new job, but finding it tough to get in the door?   There’s a team of people on your side, and it’s the team at your staffing agency.   A staffing agency works for you and your future employer to match candidates and clients. But

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