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Certified Medical Assistant Duties

Are you looking for a fast-track career in the field of medicine? If so, your first stop is the role of a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA).   CMAs are highly in-demand across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the position will add 154,900 jobs between 2018 and 2028, which means the

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Ways to Enhance Your Employee Wellness Program

It’s Social Wellness Month at Energi Personnel!    Social wellness is an important concept, but it’s often overlooked in favor of physical wellness and safety. But just because you have the right PPE and reporting systems doesn’t mean your staff are safe – or happy.    Relationships are a key part of

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Hidden Office Dangers to Be Aware Of

Few people associate desk jobs and office spaces as a place where they could potentially be injured. Although your office won’t necessarily be a ‘high-risk’ area, this doesn’t mean that office safety isn’t important. Accidents can and still do happen, even if you sit seven or eight hours a day.  

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Employee Engagement for a Safer Workplace

Every employer has obligations to run a safe workplace. You have a long list of rules from state regulators as well as from OSHA. Beyond your emergency response plans, accident logs, and regular reporting, you have another obligation for creating a safer workplace: employee engagement.   No reasonable person wants to

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4 Hazards to be Mindful of When Working in a Hospital

The world has gotten a good look at just how essential handwashing is for public health. But germs and viruses aren’t the only hazards to be mindful of when working in a hospital. Healthcare settings are home to a vast number of risks, and your ability to deal with them

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