Why Time Management Is Essential as a CNA

Time management is a core skill needed in almost every job. One place where your skills are most critical is in the healthcare field.  

As a CNA, you will always have competing priorities pulling you in multiple directions. If you don’t manage them well, you risk missing vital parts of patient care.  

Here’s what every new – and current – CNA should know about time management.  

Poor Time Management Means Mistakes  

The most critical reason CNAs – and all healthcare workers – need strong time management skills is poor time management leads to mistakes.  

When you have poor management, you’re more likely to forget action items, fail to be present, and make simple but costly mistakes, such as switching information on charting.  

As a result, you must include time management not just as a principle but as one of your job duties.  

Plan Your Day in Advance  

Time management sounds like a far-off dream, but you can make it a reality with a bit of planning.  

One of the most helpful tips we have is to make a plan. Every shift will differ, so you need to figure out what your patients need as soon as you clock in. You can then plan how to deliver it to them before you start, which will help maximize your time.  

Make sure to write down your plan and double-check your supplies before you start. It will keep you keep going throughout the day and save wasted trips to supply rooms.  

Stop Multi-Tasking to Save Time  

We consider multi-tasking to be an inherent part of care. But what if you found out that multi-tasking takes more effort than it generates in results?  

Much like putting your make-up on while on the freeway, multi-tasking at work gives you the illusion of saving time and cramming more into your day. In reality, it’s a high-risk, low-reward strategy.  

Multi-tasking stresses you out, and the stress can impact your memory. What’s more, it takes time to switch between tasks. It’s lost time you could use to finish one job.  

By breaking the multi-tasking habit, you can be present with patients, ensure a job gets done, and keep your mind focused. These three actions will cut the number of mistakes and allow you to provide the best care possible.  

Put Your Time Management Skills to Work  

Time management isn’t a ‘nice to have’ skill in health care: it’s a matter of life or death. Although you can’t get rid of competing priorities, you can make sure you have a plan to tackle them in the most efficient way possible.  

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