Is It Expensive to Use a Staffing Agency?

Are you on the hunt for a new job, but finding it tough to get in the door?  

There’s a team of people on your side, and it’s the team at your staffing agency.  

A staffing agency works for you and your future employer to match candidates and clients. But is it expensive to use a staffing agency? Not if you’re the job seeker. Keep reading to learn more about the biggest myth associated with using a staffing agency.  

Who Pays for the Staffing Agency?  

Staffing agencies place great candidates with the right employer. But how do they get paid?  

A staffing agency signs a contract with employers, who then pay for their services. They may charge an employer in one or more ways.  

A common way to do this is by collecting a portion of the wages for each employee. For example, a client may want to pay $25 an hour. The staffing agency may then charge them $3 for every hour the employee works. You may cost the employer $28 an hour, but you get $25 of it.  

Will you notice? Probably not. The staffing agency will advertise the job at $22 an hour rather than taking it out of our paycheck.  

Occasionally, the agency will get a flat referral fee. However, this is rare.  

What Happens if a Recruiter Asks Me for Money?  

A genuine recruiter won’t ask you for an upfront fee of any type to help you find a job. If they do, you might be dealing with a recruitment scam.   

Although staffing agencies are well poised to help place in you a role quickly, an agency can’t guarantee you a job. Without a guarantee, there’s no need to charge you money.  

Why Do Staffing Agencies Charge Fees?  

So why do staffing agencies charge fees at all? In truth, it usually costs less to outsource hiring and HR to a staffing agency than hiring permanent staff using the in-house team. As a result, employers are willing to pay the extra fees to get more staff when they need them and pull them from an existing quality talent pool.  

The fees agencies charge employers cover the work they do.  

It Costs You Nothing to Work With a Staffing Agency  

Staffing agencies charge employers a fee for every candidate they place. Sometimes it’s a flat fee, and other times they charge by the hour. Either way, you’ll never notice.  

Are you looking for a new job? 

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