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Employee Engagement for a Safer Workplace

Every employer has obligations to run a safe workplace. You have a long list of rules from state regulators as well as from OSHA. Beyond your emergency response plans, accident logs, and regular reporting, you have another obligation for creating a safer workplace: employee engagement.   No reasonable person wants to

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4 Hazards to be Mindful of When Working in a Hospital

The world has gotten a good look at just how essential handwashing is for public health. But germs and viruses aren’t the only hazards to be mindful of when working in a hospital. Healthcare settings are home to a vast number of risks, and your ability to deal with them

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Emergency Preparedness

It’s Workplace Safety Month!    Emergencies aren’t planned, so you need to be prepared. To keep your workplace a safe place to be, you need to not only have the appropriate plans in place but have staff trained on them.   With the exception of emergency exit signs, few companies are prepared for

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What to Expect when Working with an Employment Agency

Finding a job with a temp agency means more than securing a paycheck. Why? Because Working with an employment agency offers a different working experience — one where you remain in control of your career.    If you work in an in-demand field, like healthcare or construction, then you know there’s

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3 Tips for Having a Great Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings are officially part of the business landscape. The time and money they also save likely means video conferencing is here to stay.   You likely noticed after your first roll call that virtual meetings require a different sort of etiquette.   We put together three of our best tips for

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