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Traits of a Great Manufacturing Leader

Are you looking for a great boss, or do you want a great leader?  There’s a difference, and your team can tell.  Leaders have relationships built on trust rather than solely on hierarchy. They inspire those around them to meet high expectations. Moreover, they give teams the tools they need to meet those expectations.   But what makes an excellent manufacturing leader? These leaders all have these three traits in common.  Leaders

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Why Take a Temp Job When You Really Want a Permanent One?

The road to the permanent job that you have always wanted – the one with the salary, benefits, great team, and room for advancement – is a long and bumpy one. You don’t want to remain unemployed, but is a temp job the right move? Temp (and contract) jobs are incredibly

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9 Unexpected Interview Questions to Reveal a Candidate’s Qualities

  Most job seekers hear the same questions repeated at every interview.  “Why do you want to work for our company?”  “Describe a time you overcame a challenge.”  These are good questions, but your candidates see them coming, which means you won’t learn much from their answers. To find the right fit every time and avoid the need to advertise the same jobs over and over, you

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