Do Temp Workers Receive Benefits? Yes They DO!

In previous posts, we talked about when you should and shouldn’t take a temp job.  

One of the most common reasons people give for turning down a temp job is the lack of benefits. It’s a valid reason: employer-based healthcare and paid holidays are hard to turn down.  

At Energi Personnel, we know the importance of temp workers to local businesses and the economy as a whole. That’s why we offer a range of benefits that may surprise you.  

You Can Get Health Care as a Temp Worker  

Energi Personnel now offers all continent staff health care coverage through Essential Staff Care 

Our staff enjoys medical coverage along with the option to add benefits like 

  • Prescription coverage  
  • Dental  
  • Vision  
  • Term-life  
  • Short-term disability (with exceptions in some states)  

Your coverage includes preventive care, specialist visits, and preventive diagnostic tests without the need to meet a deductible.  

You Get Paid Faster  

No bank account? No problem. We now offer the Rapid PayCard program so that you can transform your paycheck into a visa debit card. Now, you can save the fees that you might otherwise spend at a check-cashing center.  

Rapid PayCards enjoy no-cost cardholder services, and you can access your account from your phone (if you have iOS or Android). You can even open an interest-bearing savings account.  

One of our favorite benefits appears at the gas station. Most gas stations use a pre-authorization hold on debit cards. You won’t have your funds tied up when you buy gas with your Rapid PayCard.  

You Get Paid Holidays  

A lack of paid holidays is something that temp workers, freelancers, and self-employed people lament no matter their industry. It’s hard to watch everyone else enjoying a paid day off or time-and-a-half.  

Getting paid for federal holidays is important, so we make sure our staff receives pay for holidays like:  

  • New Year’s Day  
  • Good Friday  
  • Memorial Day  
  • July 4th  
  • Labor Day  
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas Day  

You Get Referral Bonuses  

Do you know someone looking for work? If you refer a candidate, and they work more than 40 hours, you get a $50 bonus. And if you refer a client, we give you an additional $25 per client.  

Being a temp Comes with benefits at Energi Personnel  

Temporary staff is a core part of the way our local and national economy works. There’s no reason not to give you access to some of the same benefits you get in a permanent position! That’s why Energi Personnel offers health care, paid holidays, referral bonuses, and easy ways to get paid.  

Are you ready to give a temp job a try?

Get in touch with Energi Personnel today to learn more about our current opportunities in Midland-Odessa TX and the surrounding area.