How to Review a Resume

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Finding the ideal candidate starts with reviewing resumes.  Whether you are working with a staffing agency or conducting your own search, it is important to keep the following tips in mind when reviewing resumes.

It is important to scan the resume looking for grammatically incorrect statements and spelling mistakes. The lay out should look clean and neatly presented. These basic items can tell you whether the person is organized and thoughtful in their actions.

More specifically, you will want to look for relevant educational and work experiences.  You might want to keep a focus on the most recent educational and work experiences, but consider the stability in work history when identifying potential candidates.

If you have reviewed the resume and their work experience seems to fit your job description you need to asses the resume for any red flags. Some of the most common red flags are below and these will help you better filter your choices for interviews.

  • Gaps in Employment: These lapses in employment can be something as simple as staying at home and to take care of children to being locked up in prison.
  • No Graduation Dates: Leaving dates off your resume indicate either the person did not complete the education, which you will want to know why or that they are trying to hide their age.
  • Companies No Longer Exists: Of course companies do close their doors but when seeing this on a resume you have to question rather the applicant is either making up the experience or trying to cover a bad reference.
  • Bad Email Addresses: One simple but telling red flag can be the individuals Email Address. If an individual uses the email address on their resume they are telling you that they are an unprofessional individual.

While reviewing the resumes for the above issues keep in mind that this helps weed through some of the most obvious questions and concerns but sometimes interviewing the person by phone or in person is the only way to really see if the candidate is a good fit for your company.