Stuck in a Job Search Rut? Take These Steps to Get Out

Do you see the same job titles (and the same salaries) come up over and over again? Is your motivation to find the right job starting to fade away?  

You might be stuck in a job search rut  

Feeling stuck is normal, and it can happen to anyone at any point during their career. At the same time, it can also impact your ability to spot great opportunities and even your ability to interview for them successfully. So, it’s important to work your way out of that rut ASAP.  

Read this to learn how to climb back out and win your dream job.  

Step 1: Assess Your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Goals  

When you apply for jobs, what do you look for? Are you looking at the position title? Or are you digging deeper to find something that matches your current strengths, weaknesses, and job goals?  

Many positions and job titles don’t accurately reflect the role itself. To spot those, you need a full evaluation of what you can do now and what you want to do in the future.   

If you can do this, you’ll transform a job board from a list of roles and attributes into a real opportunity.  

Step 2: Consider Adding Skills  

Is there one criterion that pops up over and over again that you just don’t have?  

Instead of getting frustrated, find a way to add it to your resume.   

Whether it’s a certification, functional skill, or a type of experience, go out of your way to get it. Even if you have to do it through a hobby or a volunteer position, it’s worth your while because doing so will open up a new world of possibilities.  

Step 3: Take a Break  

It sounds weird. If you need a job, then you need to look for one. However, browsing the same ads every day for weeks on end could be causing burnout.  

Instead of spending your breaks and evenings on job boards, set up a dedicated schedule for your search. You won’t miss out on a job by seeing an opportunity 72 hours after it goes up.  

Step 4: Ask for Help  

If you’re struggling to find or land a new position, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, ask why. Talk to someone who’s currently in their dream job about how they got there. Where did they look? What did they do to ensure the best chance of success? You’ll probably learn something that can help you self-correct and improve your chances.  

Still looking for additional insight?  

Sometimes, what you need is an employer’s perspective on the job market. A staffing firm can offer just that. The team at Energi Personnel makes it their business to find the perfect fit for each role rather than forcing a square peg through a round hole.  

Get in touch to learn how we help candidates like you in Midland-Odessa find their way out of the job search rut.