How to Prepare for a Job Fair

In a world that increasingly demands faceless form applications for almost every job, a job fair is a big opportunity. If you arrive well prepared, you can do more than learn more about potential employers. You could walk out with a tentative offer.  

But how do you make the most of your time at a career event? It all comes down to how you prepare. We put together some of our best tips for you right here.  

Visit the Event Organizer Website to Create a Game Plan  

Your first interaction with an employer shouldn’t be at their booth. Instead, you should arrive armed with a list of questions for each of the businesses that piques your interest. How?  

Each event organizer should have a website with a list of all its attendees. In the week leading up to the event, use that website as your secret weapon. Look up all the employers that appeal to you and learn more about them. Then, write down questions you have for the recruiters at the fair.  

Not only will you save time at the event, but both you and the recruiter can skip the introductions and get down to business.  

Tip: If you have a few must-visit recruiters, tailor your resume to each so you can hand out a copy that’s sure to impress. Put a Post-it note with the company’s name on each copy so you don’t mix them up.  

Bring the Essentials (and Only the Essentials)  

A job fair is a meet and greet, not a through-hike. Leave the power bars and hydration kits at home. If you can, bring only an envelope filled with your updated resumes and a pen and paper for note taking.  

Tip: Don’t worry about business cards. Recruiters will have their own data capture methods, and they’ll also have your info on your resume!  

Practice Your Elevator Pitch  

The research you did before arriving will work wonders when you start talking to employers on the floor. But you still need one more thing: an elevator pitch.  

Your elevator pitch includes the most essential parts of your background, job experience, and skills. Consider writing it down ahead of time and practicing saying it aloud. It will give you a good, quick introduction and ensure that you don’t forget something important when talking to your dream employer.  

Practicing can also help those of us who aren’t natural extroverts come out of their shell and make more confident introductions.  

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself  

Getting a job in today’s world too often means boiling yourself down to a list of skills and attributes. Job fairs give you a chance to tell employers more about you, both the person and the candidate.   

As you prepare your game plan and practice your elevator pitch, don’t forget to be yourself (in a professional way). A little personality can go a long way and help recruiters remember you as they review their resumes.  

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