Ways to Enhance Your Employee Wellness Program

It’s Social Wellness Month at Energi Personnel!   

Social wellness is an important concept, but it’s often overlooked in favor of physical wellness and safety. But just because you have the right PPE and reporting systems doesn’t mean your staff are safe – or happy.   

Relationships are a key part of your workplace, and you need to find ways to support them.   

Where do social lives and employee wellness programs intersect? And what does it mean in the age of social distancing? Let’s talk!   

Why Your Employees Should Be More than Coworkers   

If your employees are punching in and out, then you’re missing out. There’s a strong link between good relationships in the workplace with morale and productivity. Employees who are connected to their coworkers are more connected to your company. According to a Gallup poll, people who have a work ‘best friend’ are twice as likely to be engaged than people who don’t have that special pal.  

What’s more, poor relationships can drive your employees away. Rivalry, jealousy, and generally poor relations send people fleeing for greener pastures. After all, people today want more than a paycheck. Workers, especially those under 40, want a purpose, and coworkers play a big part in that.   

Where Social Relationships Fit into Employee Wellness Programs  

While you don’t need to play matchmaker, you should be invested in your employees’ relationships. And your employee wellness program is a great place to begin to include that. Traditionally, you could run programs like:  

  • Team activities  
  • Work celebrations  
  • Wellness challenges  
  • Providing social areas at work  

But in the age of social distancing, those programs are counterproductive because they typically require big groups in small rooms. Yet, your employees’ social health has never been so important.  

There are some straightforward solutions. You might set up a breakroom outdoors so that people can chat and enjoy each other’s company but they can do so in a safe way that gives everyone space. Don’t just set up tables on the grass. Put up shelter and add cushions to make it a comfortable escape.  

Another option can be to assign buddies and coaches to give everyone someone to check in with. The ‘buddy system’ gives everyone someone to care about and the knowledge that someone’s looking out for them.  

If your organization benefits, use video chats, virtual meetings, and group texts to keep people connected even when they’re apart. Don’t use these opportunities for work. Designate them as a time for employees to chat, share, and do what they might otherwise do if they were taking a break at work.  

Social Distancing Doesn’t Need to Stamp Out Relationships   

Your employees’ relationships are a big part of their success at work. Happy coworkers are more engaged, productive, and inspired. Socialization and friendship fulfill a basic human need, which makes it an integral part of your wellness program. Social distancing doesn’t have to stop socialization. You could see people find new chances to connect and new friendships flower.  

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