Is Now the Time to Find the “Perfect” New Hire?

With so many job seekers “now available” due to layoffs, your business might think now is the time to get picky and aim for “perfect.”  

But even though more candidates are out there and there are fewer jobs than there were six months ago, now is not the time to pass on “perfectly good” in favor of the “perfect.”  

If you’re hiring and wondering what to do about an influx of candidates, keep reading to learn more about a recruiter’s perspective of the employer’s market.  

Does Perfect Exist in Hiring?  

Let’s think back to 2012-2013. The lingering effects of the recession were still impacting the job market, and there was a perception of a backlog of talent waiting for jobs. Hiring managers back then were picky because they thought, “With so many talented candidates looking, I can take my time and find the right candidate.”   

The intentions behind this sentiment are good. You don’t want to hire the wrong person: it’s expensive for you and wrought for the candidate.  

The problem is instead, in the execution. Recruiters and hiring managers call the problem the myth of the “purple squirrel.” You might find your purple squirrel someday, but you need to be in the right place at the right time and write the right job post and offer the right compensation.  

Perfect candidates are out there, but finding the perfect candidate for your company right now is believing in a myth – even in a recession.  

Remember, the perfect candidate doesn’t just offer the perfect mix and a compatible personality. They also need to be receptive to your company’s pay package, live in the same town, or be willing to relocate. Plus, you still have to compete with the big dogs who have the budget and the resources to expand their search and knock out the competition’s benefits.  

Don’t Let Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good  

The problem with waiting for the perfect new hire is that you could miss out on a great candidate who can be developed into the ‘perfect’ employee.  

So if the perfect employee hasn’t yet appeared in your stack, consider looking for someone with at least some the skills and experience you want but who is also:  

  • Action-oriented  
  • Ambitious  
  • Upbeat  
  • Honest    

These are the candidates who come into your company and bring you real opportunities. Sometimes, the right employee is one you didn’t realize you needed.  

Are you Struggling to Fill a Role? 

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