It’s Time to Reflect on What Your Business Learned in 2020

If you’re like most businesses, 2020 did not turn out to be the year you planned for. If anything, 2020 laughed at your plans and any attempts to salvage them.

While most of us are ready for 2020 to be over, it’s worth reflecting on the lessons it taught us — beyond how to wash your hands properly.

Here are some lessons learned over the last year

Risk Management and Sustainability Are Twins

You already knew the importance of risk management, but it never became more evident than it did this year.

While preparing for a global pandemic isn’t possible, you can shore up parts of your business that put core operations at risk with even the slightest disruption.

You may even find it prudent to go beyond risk management and emphasize sustainability. So many businesses faced severe hardship because supply chains and operations have run at unsustainable levels for years now. Now is the time to mitigate risk by ensuring you work within your limits and run processes that won’t break down if one supplier runs short.

People Are Your Most Important Asset

People are at the heart of your organization, and all the efforts that wreaked havoc on the business world this year occurred in an attempt to protect people.

Your risk management strategy should always include your workers, and it should prioritize them. HR teams can take the lead on this by identifying hazards, noting risk likelihoods, and coming up with solutions that not only keep your team healthy but engaged even as their world changes before their eyes.

Communication Makes a World of a Difference

This year, communication took the front seat as you found yourself running in circles trying to reassure customers, negotiate with suppliers, work with local governments, and protect your workers.

A company communication plan is critical for dealing with a crisis. Whether you need to communicate health information or reach a new customer segment, all communications should come from a plan to avoid shooting from the hip and causing more damage than existed in the first place.

What Did Your Business Learn in 2020?

This past year was a tough one. Even if you work in an in-demand or essential industry, you faced trials that you could never have prepared for. However, if businesses learned one thing last year, it was the importance of being prepared. Risk management and communication will help you weather future crises, big and small.

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